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Gluten Free Products

August 25, 2017

The Checklist People consist of a team of individuals that provide consumers with a shopping list, or checklist of the best products by category for specific food allergies. The Checkli... (more)

Are you vegan and craving a big Mac? then look no further!

August 24, 2017

nyone who knows me knows that I gave up beef & pork over 20 years ago, 4 months ago I gave up eating all meat, went gluton free and eliminated any products containing annatto which is used in f... (more)

Farm Fresh Produce at Last

August 21, 2017

Finally, it's that time of year and farm fresh vegetables are available again from local farms and co-ops across Canada. We are big advocates of buying local whenever possible, fruits and veget... (more)

We are growing, thank you Canada!

August 12, 2017

Wow lot's has happened since our last update, we are currently on Google Canada page 1 for many of our keywords and we are seeing a nice increase in online through ther web site. We still have ... (more)

Site Update April 7 - 2016

April 08, 2017

We are loading the database province by province and when complete, we will be the largest online local food directory in Canada. We have a mission, to help Canadians find local foods in their comm... (more)

Welcome to the Local Food Directory of Canada

March 21, 2017

Welcome to Canada's online directory helping Canadians find local foods in their communities. We are in the process of launching and populating the online database and we thank you for your pat... (more)